Senior Living

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With nearly 77 million baby boomers in the U.S. today, we have the largest generation in history reaching age 65. As they grow older, they will have vastly different living requirements.  For example…

  • It could mean a baby boomer selling a home and buying a new one to accommodate physical impairments. For instance, selling a home with too many stairs in favor of a ranch style home all on one level.
  • It could mean selling a home that is too large or takes too much to maintain in favor of a smaller home in an active senior living community.
  • It might mean selling a home and entering assisted living.
  • Or it could mean an estate that has gone into probate. What do the heirs do with the house and contents?

Becky and Rick are prepared to help baby boomers (and their families, fiduciaries and attorneys) with whatever real estate needs they may have.  Rick is an accredited Senior Real Estate Specialist and a Certified Probate Specialist, and is proud to help seniors and their families deal with their life changing moments. Becky is an Eldercare Consultant, Speaker and Educator as well as a real estate agent who offers her expertise to help seniors successfully navigate the challenges of selling a home, downsizing, moving to assisted living assessment, placement and more.


We care about seniors and their families!

We work with compassion and understanding to help you sell real estate before a life transition or after a loved one passes on. Services you may require include (but are not limited to):

Home Preparation Services:
Home and Yard Clutter/Hoarding Removal
Home Repair and Updating
Home Cleaning
Assisted Living Placement
Senior Move Services

Real Estate Services:
Sales vs Leasing Analysis
Wholesale vs Retail Sales Analysis
Real Estate Sales and Leasing Services
Property Management

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