Active Seniors

For many people, growing older often means a change in lifestyle and living accommodations. For active seniors, this often means selling that big house — where the family grew up — in favor of a senior living community. Senior living communities have changed drastically in the past 30 years, becoming much more beautiful, luxurious, gracious and completely focused on helping active adults enjoy their retirement. These communities often feel like resort-living, with golf courses, with swimming pools, tennis courts, activity centers, parks, walking paths, entertainment, classes, restraunts, cafés and bars and much more. In addition, these communities can offer every kind of services from laundry to in-homes meals and everything in between.

What happens if one partner is active and the other requires some assisted living? There are many senior communities out there that accommodate both needs, allowing spouses to stay together either in the same home or the same facility. This relieves the healthy partner from the role as caregiver and just allows the couple to enjoy each other’s company.

Rick Wandrych is delighted to help seniors find the perfect place to help them relax and enjoy the golden years.