Bank Owned Homes

save thousands by buying a bank owned homeOnce the trustee sale has concluded, each home will fit into one of three categories.

  1. At the last second a lien holder can postpone the sale of a specific home. This would most often happen if the home is in the middle of a short sale.
  2. It SOLD and the deed will be transferred accordingly.
  3. It does NOT sell or get postponed and becomes a bank owned | REO.

Our Foreclosure Division Benham REO Real Estate Group was founded in 2003 to meet the demanding needs of today’s fast-paced and rapidly expanding REO Industry. Leaders in REO property disposition, preservation, management & sales. Our team provides banks and asset management companies an outsourcing opportunity to liquidate their foreclosed properties on the retail market. BREG has managed over 8000 for over 200 clients over the past 5 years. In addition, REO properties serves more than 100 cities in multiple states.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of the REO industry. Through persistence and dedication, we have maintained the ambition and preserverance to excel in the industry.

At this time in Maricopa County, we are managing over 200 assets. Everything from fixer uppers to high end executive homes and vacation properties. As part of our service, we have completed hundreds of Broker Price Opinions. As part of our customer service, our goal is to ensure our average time on the market remains well below the current market average.

The key element to our success in the REO business is the level of customer service that we provide and demonstrated enthusiasm for the work we do. Combining local market expertise with state of the art technology while supported by a team determined to get the job done, our group provides superior service in the following areas:

Scope of Services

  •     Occupancy Cash for keys Loss
  •     Mitigation Secure BPO (for REO and 3rd Party).
  •     MMR’s Negotiation Auction Coordination Trashout
  •     Customer Base Information Technology Showings