Eldercare and Probate

elderlyCouple_bwEldercare and Probate Real Estate is becoming critical subject as our nation is facing one of its largest challenges in history. With nearly 77 million baby boomers, we have the largest generation in history reaching 65 and growing older.  Ultimately, as we progress through life, there may come a time when our living arrangements need to be reconsidered.  Families and individuals need a team of ethical and trusted professionals to help them successfully navigate through these changes, ensuring they are informed and making the right decisions for themselves and their loved ones.


Eldercare and Probate Real Estate Services

Some of the Eldercare and Probate Real Estate Services these families require may include, but are not limited to:

  • Eldercare Assisted Living Assessment & Placement Services
  • Eldercare Real Estate Sales Services
  • Probate Real Estate Services


When Are Eldercare Services Needed

It has been our experience that when this type of change occurs and services are needed, it all happens simultaneously. Dad fell and his children have been told he can’t live at home alone any longer.  If he moves to an assisted living community, what will happen to his home?  Should the family bring on an in-home care agency while making these decisions?  Can they sell his home to support the costs of assisted living?  Obviously, it can be confusing and overwhelming.

lady-making-decisionEvery situation is different and requires careful consideration.  Our Assisted Living Experts are focused on helping families determine which combination of services is best suited for a family at that point in time. In some cases, it may mean bringing care in to the home while the family sells the home and then relocating to an assisted living community.  In other cases, it may mean immediate relocation and the home can be dealt with in the next few months.  In every case, various levels of assisted living counseling will ease the family’s worries and perhaps even mend family discord.

When are Real Estate Services Needed

When a family member(s) moves, typically the home is the largest asset that needs to be liquidated. Our Eldercare and Probate Real Estate Services will help you determine that best strategy for any real estate assets that belong to the family or family trust.

When selling real estate as part of a trust, under the control of a fiduciary or as part of court probate, there are special considerations that need to be evaluated.   Is there a court involved?  Is the home furnished?  Is the property ready to sell or does it need work?  And, so many more …  Our real estate experts are prepared to navigate through all of these situations.