Encanto Vista Historic District

Bounded by Windsor Avenue, Encanto Boulevard, Seventh and Eighth avenues.
Historically Recognized: April 2003
(Period of Significance: 1943-1953)

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Encanto Vista Historic District is a suburban neighborhood located approximately two miles north/northwest of downtown Phoenix. Situated along the eastern edge of Encanto Park Golf Course, Encanto Vista is a narrow, roughly rectangular neighborhood one block from east to west and six blocks from north to south. The district encompasses a single residential subdivision platted in 1943. It is approximately 25 acres in size and contains 79 single family houses built between 1945 and 1959. The houses in Encanto Vista are predominately large custom-built Ranch Style houses.

[encanto vista historic district homes] When developers planned Encanto Vista, they zeroed in on a key selling point for the neighborhood: Encanto Golf Course. Decades later, that amenity is still a favorite among some residents. Encanto Vista is among the smaller historical neighborhoods in Phoenix, with about 80 homes shoehorned between Seventh Avenue and the golf course. When original landowner James W. Dorris sold the property in 1943, he decreed that the new owner build only a “high-class development,” city records show. Indeed, the neighborhood’s large lots and homes immediately attracted a Phoenix mayor, prominent architects, business leaders and others.

Information courtesy of AZ Central and National Register of Historic Places – United States Department of the Interior

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