Country Club Historic District

(added 1994 – Maricopa County – #94001484)
Also known as Country Club Park Subdivision
Thomas Rd. to Virginia Ave. and 7th St. to Dayton St., Phoenix
(430 acres, 135 buildings)









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Architecture/Engineering, Event
Lescher & Mahoney
Modern Movement, Late 19th And Early 20th Century American Movements, Late 19th And 20th Century Revivals
Politics/Government, Community Planning And Development, Architecture
Domestic, Recreation And Culture
Outdoor Recreation, Single Dwelling
Domestic, Recreation And Culture
Outdoor Recreation, Single Dwelling Single Dwelling

Country Club Park’s history begins in 1888 when Charles Orme filed a homestead patent that included this area. Orme sold it six months later to Thomas Pemberton and it remained in his family until 1918 when a Du Pont family heiress, Ecutheria L. Du Pont, purchased it. She subsequently sold the 30 acres east of Dayton to the city for the North High School site in 1937.

[country club park historic homes] In 1939, the Aetna Investment Corporation (the original Country Club Park developers) purchased the parcel. A prime site for new building under FHA standards, the design contained curved, non-through streets, three-way intersections, and a 2 ½ acre park in the center. Half of the lots were developed prior to World War II, usually with simple Ranch style homes (the prototype for FHA construction). By early 1942, the subdivision construction slowed due to war-time building restrictions. The Eureka Investment Company took over the development of Country Club Park shortly after and hired the local architectural firm of Lescher and Mahoney, charging them to honor the FHA uniformity guidelines. By 1946, the subdivision was complete. Ninety-seven percent of the homes are one-story ranch, although you will find a few International style.

Designated: January 1993

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