Campus Vista Historic District

Generally bounded by Thomas and Osborn roads, seventh and 15th avenues.
Historically Recognized: April 2003.
(Period of Significance: 1939-1956)

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Campus Vista Historic District is a suburban neighborhood located approximately two miles northwest of downtown Phoenix. Situated to the north and east of Phoenix College, Campus Vista is a roughly L-shaped neighborhood with an irregular boundary. The district is approximately 70 acres in size and contains 202 properties, including 190 single-family houses, eight duplexes, two church properties and one temple complex currently used by Phoenix College.  Most of the buildings in the district were built between 1941 and 1956, demonstrating the great demand for both wartime and postwar housing in central Phoenix.

The Campus Vista Historic District is significant as an excellent example of the type of small- and medium-scale FHA-Influenced (1935-1942) residential subdivisions that appeared throughout central Phoenix just before and after World War II. The district is comprised of six adjacent residential subdivisions (College Addition, Campus Vista, Mocking Bird Manor, Mulberry Place, Campus Manor and Aztec Place), and remnants of a seventh (East Mulberry Place), all of which were platted between 1939 and 1948. The Campus Vista Historic District furthers our understanding of trends and patterns of residential subdivisions in the years leading up to and following World War II.  The district is particularly noteworthy for its mix of speculative and custom-designed Ranch or Transitional Ranch style houses and for its high degree of integrity.

Information courtesy of National Register of Historic Places, United States Department of the Interior.

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