July 25, 2017

Options for Senior Living – Once the Decision is made to Move … what then?

The second in our series on Considerations for Moving in this month’s Senior Living section – Once the Decision is made to Move … what then?

At this point in the decision-making process, the seniors selling their property will want to know if their home is saleable; is it a buyers or sellers market; among other questions. This is why it is important to work with a SRES.

So the next step is to have a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) visit and inform you as to the current value of your home. The Realtor will also examine the major components of your home and alert you to obvious structural issues. The Realtor is in no way an inspector, but may advise you to obtain a report from a foundation or roof inspector to assess the condition of such areas. It is fine to sell `as is’ but it is better to address any serious issues prior to selling your home. The Senior Specialist will also give you tips on downsizing and provide names of trusted service providers you may need.

Family Dynamics and Support
Because this stage of the moving process can be overwhelming for seniors, adult children and other close family members should be included. The adult children will want to ensure the transition from moving senior parents from their own home into a senior community will go smoothly, especially focusing on their health, finances and logistics. Having a Power of Attorney prepared ahead of time is helpful.

Downsizing and Moving Plan
Families might want to have a visual of what their new home will look like. How much space or square feet is available? What furnishings will they be able to take with them? Include adult children and younger ones in this process. This will help relieve the emotional stress of moving as well.
You will want to sort and organize item by item, categorizing what is to be moved, family heirlooms to be given to or left with family, items to be sold or donated, and those that can be thrown out. Children should remember to give their parents time to talk about the items they are giving away because they are more than things; they are cherished memories.

Presenting Your Home for Sale
Cleaning and necessary repairs should be made after the organizing and packing is complete. Regardless of whether the house is to be sold, rented, or passed onto another family member, the requirements for cleaning and repair are the same. This is the first step in the staging process and getting the house ready for sale.

Rely on your Senior Real Estate Specialist to know what repairs are essential and which ones are of lesser consequence. Your SRES most likely works with moving consultants that will help with staging so your home shows to its best selling points.

Prepare for Moving Day
Each family’s circumstances are different so rely on your SRES to provide you with a full service mover, a moving consultant, to make this part of the journey free of stress for your senior loved ones. They can arrange for the sale, donation or removal of unwanted items, pack for the move, and set up everything in the new home. By the end of the moving day, all the boxes and packing materials are gone and the seniors are ready to start enjoying their new downsized or “right-sized” home and lifestyle.

Rick Wandrych is prepared to help baby boomers (and their families, fudiciaries and attorneys) with whatever real estate needs they may have. Ricks is an accredited Senior Real Estate Specialist and a Certified Probate Specialist, and is proud to help seniors and their families deal with their life changing moments. In addition, Rick has partnered with Eldercare Consultant, Speaker and Educator Becky Feola who offers her expertise to help seniors successfully navigate the challenges of assisted living assessment and placement.

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